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Music Production Lessons

Music Production Lessons

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Expand your music production repertoire Music production is the art and science of creating beats and mixing recording and mastering while managing every aspect of a music project. At Music Inn we teach all our students to produce music and video in the most professional way to enable them to guide artistes effectively such that they are able to help them produce marketable music that is rich in content. Music Inn boasts a highly equipped music production studio in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya and highly acclaimed music production teachers with 5+ years of experience in the trade. The school is also situated in a conducive area that enables students to interact with one another as they complete their music projects. They also have chances to interact with music students who are learning other instruments in order to see where music production fits in the musical ecosystem. Our music production classes in Westlands Nairobi Kenya are taught using various music production software including Logic Pro, Adobe, QBase C, Reason, Protools and Ableton. Learning how to use software is an important part of the Music Inn Music Production Course and will be key in helping you perfect the art in this 4-month long course. Our music production classes are designed to help students pursue different career paths in music production such as Sound Engineers, Live Sound Balancers, Videographers, Movie Producers, Beat Producers and many more. Sign up today for a music production class.  
  • Duration 42 hour


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