Music-Inn has a long tradition of encouraging artists of every age to pursue their musical talents. In an effort to fully engage our student as effectively and efficiently as possible, we developed the YAI.

This program engages students from all departments, starting from students dealing with computer software applications, students majoring in music and performance, to students majoring in visual arts. Our main goal being to fuel creative expression, allowing aspiring artists to focus on developing their trade while supporting themselves.

When students are committed to developing their musical talent, and provided with the right recourses they need to do so, studying music can affect their lives in numerous positive ways. This program is tailored to give students exposure and confidence in performance.

  • Although our class set-up is one-on-one, students will be given an opportunity to work together and make music wholesomely. They will be engaged in a live band performance set-up. This activity is meant to harness their skills to full potential and give them the confidence they need in performance. Depending on the style, creativity and commitment of a student, the instructors are able to group students according to their strengths and weaknesses. These groups are maintained throughout the academic year as there will be projects done in and out of school, e.g. during the school annual concert, this groups will do live performances in front of an audience. Whichever group wins the competition will receive an award and get to work with some of the best artists in the music industry.
  • We will also work on individual artists/instrumentalists and give them a platform to showcase their talent on our social media and concert platforms. This will create a sense of growth and independence. We will also hold workshops to give students in depth knowledge and training on how the music industry works, and how to grow themselves as artists in this diverse and ever-growing music industry.