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Guitar Lessons

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Live and love the guitar. Learning the Guitar requires a unique blend of creativity, discipline and harmonious interaction between the teacher and the Guitar Lessons student. Our guitar students work closely with our highly experienced  teachers and enjoy many opportunities for solo and ensemble performances and for collaborative experiences with other students. Our one-on-one guitar lessons in Nairobi Kenya are targeted to adults who would like to explore a new hobby and expand their music instrument repertoire. We are also keen on helping children learn music instruments for exam purposes and also to expand their knowledge in music from an early age. Our thoroughly equipped music school in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya offers bass guitar lessons, rock guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons and helps you be in a position to play any type of guitar. In our guitar lessons offered in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya we expose our students to various guitar playing styles such as contemporary and classical styles. In contemporary guita styles, students are exposed to the basics of chords and chord progressions that enable them to play songs as soon as possible. For classical guitar styles, students are taught to interpret tabs and staff notation which enables them to play any guitar type effectively. Sign up to begin your guitar lessons today  
  • Duration 42 hour


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