Drum Lessons

Master the drum set at Music Inn International.

We provide drum lessons that give you an introduction into how to play the standard drum kit for various purposes such as church services, live concerts and music production. Our experienced drum teachers teach you the different time signatures and reading drum notation to enable you to play a variety of beats among them African, Rock, Latin, Country, Reggae and other genres.

We assist students starting age 5 to prepare for ABRSM and LCM examinations so that they are able to become competent drummers who can play a variety of grooves while reading drum sheet music comfortably. We also have one on one drum lessons for adults that are designed to enable one pick up the drums as an instrument.

Our one on one drum lessons in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya are targeted to both students and adults who would like to understand and play drums from a very basic level.

Our students have many unique opportunities to showcase their skills and even improve through our periodic jam sessions where they get to interact with other drummers and music students of different skill levels to gain further inspiration. This helps them get exposed to various drum playing styles and also incorporating the drums in band scenarios.

Our highly qualified drum instructors help you build your skills through our 1 hour sessions, helping you acquaint yourself with concepts, tips, tricks, and enough material that enables you to fast track your skill level in playing the drums effectively. Whether you are a child or an adult, we package our drum lessons in Nairobi Kenya according to your skill level to help you succeed at playing the drums. Sign up to begin your drum lessons today.