DJ/ VDJ Classes

DJ your way to the TOP

Music Inn International School of music offers DJ/VDJ classes in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. In our 4-month long course our highly experienced instructors teach you the ins and outs of the DJ&VDJ trade.

The DJ/VJ classes will cover the theory which covers how to use the machines and the functions of every button, knob and basically everything that you need to become an awesome DJ/VDJ.

Once you complete the theory, you are taught how to mix different genres. After mixing you are taught how to scratch with the rhythm of the songs in such a way that you do not interfere with the beats. After scratching you will go through beat matching, beat counting and finally video mixing. To wrap it up you are taught how to set up your instrument in order to get the best sound and effects.

As the DJ/VDJ industry is highly competitive, our highly experienced teachers with 5+ years of experience delve into teaching you how to market yourself as a new DJ/VJD. They show you how to use social media to get gigs and put the word out about yourself and most importantly how to conduct yourself professionally in this business.

Our DJ/VDJ classes in Nairobi Kenya incorporate learning how to use software such as Scratch Live, Serato DJ and Record Box as this software facilitates DJ/VDJ mixing. Our students are taught effectively so that they can take up career paths in Club Deejaying, Event Deejaying, Battle Deejaying and Media Deejaying. Sign up today for DJ/VDJ class.