Music Inn International school gives a concise introduction into playing both the classical piano and the contemporary piano in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya. Our highly experienced teachers provide the necessary instructions to enable taking up the piano for concert, church music recording and production purposes. They also help students explore different piano styles for different genres of music so that everyone from the absolute beginners to advanced players can become better players.

Once our students sign up for a piano class we advise them on what path to take in playing the piano based on their desires and long term goals. For those who desire to take up classical piano lessons in Nairobi Kenya the music teachers will emphasize on sheet music reading skills with extensive scale and arpeggio studies to enable them to read music accurately and in an agile manner. For those students willing to delve into contemporary piano classes in Westlands Nairobi Kenya, our music teachers help you learn to read chord symbols so that they can use chord progressions fluently to read simplified charts. These mostly come in handy if you are to play in church, African styles, Contemporary Gospel Music, Rhythm, Blues, Pop & Rock. Our teachers emphasize learning both classical and contemporary piano styles so that our students learn the best of both worlds.

Our teachers also help children from age 4 grow their piano playing abilities from a young age. Music Inn also helps students prepare for their ABRSM examinations for school purposes so that they can get in more practice and instruction since musical instruments require more time than is available in regular school. Sign up to begin your piano lessons today