Vocal Lessons

Look mommy, I can SING! 

We all know that comment when you go to sing then you suddenly tell people to listen to the words and not your voice. Well, you can confidently strut your stuff and knock people’s socks off with your voice by learning the art of singing at Music Inn International Schools of Music.

Our vocal lessons in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya expose you to mastering your voice, breathing, projection, tone, pitch and performance as you learn how to sing effectively. The vocal mastery techniques taught will help you increase your natural vocal range, get a beautiful tone while enhancing a rich voice texture to get better pitch accuracy.

Our highly experienced teachers teach you to develop a unique sound while helping you gain confidence while singing so that ultimately, you have incredible presence as you sing.

Our vocal instructors in Westlands Nairobi Kenya offer class tutorials, interactive lessons and voice recording experiences as part of the course. We also have various opportunities to interact with other students and sing in front of audiences in order to boost vocal confidence so as to mould all our students into versatile well-rounded vocalists. Sign up today for a vocals class.