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Wondering what to do with your little kids? Worry not for we have now introduced a fun and innovative way for them to learn music. With our years of experience, we can genuinely attest that musical experience at an early age is extremely important in a child’s brain development process. These skills can be learned later in life, but they will never be natural in the way that is so important for fluid musical performance.

Children whose musical education includes improvisation and composition are sharpening their creative thinking skills, while those whose education focuses on performance learn interpretation, or how to communicate an emotional meaning of the music to the audience through varying aspects such as volume and tempo. Most music students learn how to read music which is a very complex mental activity. An additional cognitive benefit for music students is that they learn how to focus their attention, an ability that can help with the study of other subjects. In addition to the cognitive benefits of learning music, the social and emotional benefits are numerous. In conclusion, research has shown that music lessons for children may improve some measures of intelligence.

In regard to this, the school music board has therefore introduced The Kinder Music Program.

The Kinder Music Program

The kinder music program is created to build and sustain a wide and firm foundation in music education, appreciation and performance for young children.  Our students not only learn how to play instruments and read music, but are also taught the other important elements (i.e.  Sight-reading, composition and ensemble playing) that help create a solid, educated and well-balanced musician. We provide the best quality music education to young children by blending the pleasure and the joy of music making with sound instruction.


The first level is called the stellar contemporary program.  This is for kids between the ages of 3-4. The natural energy and music children ages 3-4 years old have within them is amazing.  They are generally constantly singing, moving to a rhythm or beat and always ready to move. Stellar is an exciting and innovative pre-school music and movement program with a flexible format that fits the level of development of these children perfectly.

The children are taught rhythms and the teacher’s guide them on their music journey and instruction with singing, and ear training. Our child-centered curriculum includes stories, songs, and games to ensure that all children feel and achieve a high level of engagement and success.

There are three blocks (or levels) to the Stellar Program.  Stellar Block 1, 2 and 3 – each 4 weeks in length.

Each block builds upon the last, so as the child’s foundation in singing, rhythm and ear training builds and grows, so does the curriculum.

Once a child has finished either one, two or the full three blocks of Sunrise, they are naturally ready to move seamlessly into the next level which is The Sublime Program 1(S.P1)

This program runs for a period of 4 weeks per block, the number of classes are 3 each week.




Stellar Block 1Ksh. 12,500
Stellar Block 2Ksh.  13,500
Stellar Block 3Ksh.  14,500
Registration FeeKsh. 2,000



Sublime Programs 1& 2 are the starting point of the ABRSM music program for 5-6 year old beginners, building their foundation in music reading and playing instruments.  Students experience movement through beats and rhythms, as well as developing their fine motor skills with rhythm instrument ensemble playing.  Children start learning the geography of instruments and note-reading through our syllabus, (and stories that children can relate to).  By the end of the S.P1 level, children are able to play major scales and are reading from the staff.  Their pre-reading experiences such as identifying like/different sorting, patterns, and reinforcing and recalling the music concepts through fun activities with gluing and coloring are all part of this level.


  • Review and continuing development of: keyboard geography and rhythm, Identification and use of dynamics (loud and quite sounds) and listening to a rhythm pattern and writing it
  • Expanded note reading in treble clef and bass clef
  • Coordination of LH and RH playing
  • Scale playing with harmonizing bridge chords in C Major
  • Identification of melodic patterns
  • Information in child size bites about famous composers

These programs run for a period of 14 weeks, the number of classes are done 3 times a week.


Sublime Program 1Ksh. 13,800  (4 weeks)
Sublime Program 2 (Block 1)Ksh.  15,000 ( 5 weeks)
Sublime Program 2 (Block 2)Ksh. 16,200 ( 5 weeks)
Registration FeeKsh. 2000


The Kinder Music Program