DJ Lessons

Whether you want to D.J for fun or elevate yourself to a professional level, we have plenty of D.J courses to suit all experiences. Our syllabus is designed to ensure you learn exactly what you want within our in-house course structure, at a pace you are comfortable learning at.

This course teaches you all the fundamental theory and skills on the industry standard Pioneer DJ equipment and software. All the classes are taught one-to-one so you can learn with your own style of music at your own speed.

We can teach beginners to advanced on all types of D.J software platforms like Serato, Rekordbox D.J, Ableton Live, Virtual D.J, Cross D.J, D.J ProDecks, Magic Digital D.J 2, Traktor Pro e.t.c. From Vinyl to CDJ’s to controllers to USB, we cover it all in our professional studio.

Learn from the pros:

Our classes are taught 1-on 1. You can choose your course schedule any day of the week and  learn your own style of music. Whether you are a complete novice or looking to advance your skills, you’ll have direct access to well represented industry professionals and artists with a friendly, personalized approach to tutoring.